No, no this isn't the first time she's ever worn a skirt. Hardly. Did you seriously believe that could happen after I had 3 boys!? Naw... she's worn dresses and skirts quite often since we brought her home from the Hospital at 2 days old.

My dilemma: Thanks to potty training, she's now got on PANTIES instead of a diaper!

I used to sit back and watch a good friend of mine become quite antsy if one of her girls (she's got 3 of them) wore a skirt to our home or to the park. I never really understood what the big deal was. Sure, I understand they need to learn proper etiquette but she seemed really kind of harsh about the whole thing.

Well... she'd be amused to know that I now get it. I got that antsy feeling today. I'm absolutely sure it was just me, but I felt as though the entire universe was watching 'The Princess' as she played today during her brother's Football Practice. She'd run and jump and roll and... well you get it. She's 2 1/2. She's spirited, careless and hasn't a clue. Me on the other hand, every movement she made I felt "someone" could see her panties and it REALLY bothered me. So much that I drug her into the car and changed her clothes. Is the day of skirts and dresses really over for us?? (At least until she can learn that proper etiquette which won't be for quite some time.)

For those of you with girls, would you share with me how you deal with this sort of situation??

It's back to the hustle and bustle of life. Our days of lounging around playing all day are over. We now begin at 6am, when it's still dark out and go, go, go until 9pm when it is again dark outside.

Usually Monday mornings I wake up refreshed and ready for the week. Today, not so much. I feel like I was run over by a truck and I can see another truck coming towards me in the distance. Yet, I cannot muster up enough energy to get up off the ground to move out of it's way!

'The Princess' continues to do well on the potty. She had a day last week where she refused to go at all, but thankfully it was short lived and she got right back on track.

We received another Finger-Print card in the mail on Friday. This has got to be the 4th or 5th time we've had our finger prints done! I wish these 2 States could get their act together and share information for once. We submitted updated annual paperwork to our Adoption worker 3 weeks ago. Things like: Pet Vaccinations, Car Tags and Registrations, Driver's License Information, Medical Examinations. We've been here a year and they were all about to expire so we had to re-submit them. Well, last week we were contacted by our Licensing Worker who claims to need the same things! I explained that I went to all the trouble to gather documents for the Adoption Worker, couldn't she just get them from her?? Apparently not.

I'm like a single mother getting my children all of the places they need to be in the afternoon. 2 of the boys are playing Football this year and of course they are on different teams. We have practice every day of the week except Wednesdays. Don't ask me how I will manage to be at both of their games at the same time. (My husband works nights and also Saturday mornings when all of the games are held)

It's 6:15am.....

"I am so tired mom, stop taking my picture please."

"I'm not tired!"

"Where is that bus?"

....6:40 and they're off!

Well, I was so excited last night that I would once again have a Best Shot Monday to share with you all. Hoping to snap a few pictures of the boys off on their first day of school. But NO... It's just not possible. I can't do that when they cancel the first day of school!

I've never seen my children upset over school being cancelled in all my life. Then again, I've never known school to be cancelled on the first day either.

The area was hit by a tropical storm of sorts Saturday night/Sunday morning. It's caused torrential flooding. A creek that runs directly through our city is about to flood over. They fully expect it to crest about noon today. Apparently, when the creek floods over you can't travel from one side of the city to the other, leaving hundreds stranded. School buses could not deliver the children home.

So, I suppose I am thankful they've cancelled school. One more day with 3 rambunctious boys.

Ps. I had forgotten to update you on the potty progress. 'The Princess' was able to use the potty at the Redhawks game and again at Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. We're finally over that hump and she's been happily using public potties ever since. Once we get her night-time wetting under control, she'll be fully potty trained. YAY!!!

You are starting off on the wrong foot lady. You're impressing no one when you make an entire hallway full of parents wait outside your classroom while you conduct impromtu CONFERENCES during OPEN HOUSE. Waiting for 45 in the hallway before being allowed to step through the door is no fun. Especially when I have 3 children, 3 different classrooms (in different school buildings mind you) to meet with in a very short amount of time.

What topped the day off though, is when you matter of factly presented me with your school supply list and informed me that if I had already purchased school supplies that I would need to return them to the store and get the items on YOUR list.

Are you freaking insane??????????????? I had to go to 4 different stores on 2 different days in order to get all of the items on my 3 children's school supply lists. Lists provided to me from the SCHOOL DISTRICT. If you think for one second I am going to run around to 4 different stores returning these items and repurchasing different supplies then... well you must be smoking crack.

'The Princess' qualifies for Speech Therapy(ST) and Occupational Therapy(OT). As a parent, I have certain expectations. I expect her to receive those services from a licensed therapist trained in his/her specified field. I do not expect a ST to provide OT and vice versa. Seriously, am I asking to much??

It seems that in our area, with the local Early Childhood Education program, this is common practice. I was appalled when we moved here and they expected me to agree to such a thing. Instead, we signed a contract that they would only provide her Speech Services and we would take her to a Private OT elsewhere.

Well, last week when her ST came to our home for our usual appointment he informed me that it would be his last day. Their Occupational Therapist was back from maternity leave and would now be coming instead. (To provide both OT and ST) I was stunned. Our daughter has been getting wonderful OT services through a licensed therapist for 9 months now. We are very happy with her. They think I suddenly want to change things around? And with no notice whatsoever! I was livid.

Needless to say, we have now pulled out of our local ECE program entirely.

My thoughts for them: Try and save your money and someone else's child. Mine deserves better than that!! So, now we're on the lookout for a good Pediatric Speech Therapist. Wish us luck!

I snapped these a few days ago. 'The Princess' adores our new kitten Molly. She can't keep her hands off her in fact. I frequently have to rescue Molly from the grasp of the over exuberant 2 year old, yet the cat returns time and time again!

Dumb cat (!?)

The pair is adorable just the same. Don't you think?

We're well on our way to being potty trained. 'The Princess' did okay the first 2 days. She would hold her pee and poop and didn't have any accidents, that it until she fell asleep and then it would all come out. Day 3 was the worst! She peed in her training panties every chance she got. I was ready to give up, but after reading and re-reading the book there was a paragraph that stuck out to me:

"If you are persistent in requiring a new behavior such as pottying and the child senses that you will not become discouraged and back off, he will comply with your wishes and continue in the new behavior. However, a hit and miss approach confuses the child and he will do whatever he pleases..."

SO, with the support of my hubby we decided to press on. We'd give it a full week before throwing in the towel. Turns out we made a wise decision because on day #4, she started using the potty. She's averaged just 1 accident a day. It's been wonderful!!!!!!!

I'm a bit worried about taking her out in public yet. She's being very particular about it all. She won't pee if you're standing in the bathroom with her. You have to walk out and pretend to be doing something else before she'll go. In a public restroom, you can't really do that. We're going to a Redhawks Baseball (Oklahoma Minor League) game on Saturday so I'm about to find out REAL quick. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, we are currently on day three and no, we aren't Potty Trained yet. I will explain that while the book is called "Potty Train In Three Days" it does not mean it only takes 3 days. Some children take a bit longer and it usually happens from a few days to a few weeks. Can you sense my desperation for an excuse?

Seriously though, 'The Princess' is doing fairly well. She's now holding her pee and poop in... all the time. We've not really had any accidents, that is until she falls asleep. Then it all comes flowing out.... Yesterday she was up around 7am and sitting on the potty every hour. At 1pm she had still not peed in the potty or had an accident. She was holding it. At 2pm, she was still dry. We got in the car to run an errand and she... fell...asleep... instantly, she peed. Of course, she woke up and began to cry as she sat in her wet mess in the carseat.

So now, she needs to learn to RELEASE the potty at the appropriate times.

It's progress!

We'll see how the weekend goes.


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