Well, I was so excited last night that I would once again have a Best Shot Monday to share with you all. Hoping to snap a few pictures of the boys off on their first day of school. But NO... It's just not possible. I can't do that when they cancel the first day of school!

I've never seen my children upset over school being cancelled in all my life. Then again, I've never known school to be cancelled on the first day either.

The area was hit by a tropical storm of sorts Saturday night/Sunday morning. It's caused torrential flooding. A creek that runs directly through our city is about to flood over. They fully expect it to crest about noon today. Apparently, when the creek floods over you can't travel from one side of the city to the other, leaving hundreds stranded. School buses could not deliver the children home.

So, I suppose I am thankful they've cancelled school. One more day with 3 rambunctious boys.

Ps. I had forgotten to update you on the potty progress. 'The Princess' was able to use the potty at the Redhawks game and again at Cold Stone Creamery afterwards. We're finally over that hump and she's been happily using public potties ever since. Once we get her night-time wetting under control, she'll be fully potty trained. YAY!!!

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