Well, we are currently on day three and no, we aren't Potty Trained yet. I will explain that while the book is called "Potty Train In Three Days" it does not mean it only takes 3 days. Some children take a bit longer and it usually happens from a few days to a few weeks. Can you sense my desperation for an excuse?

Seriously though, 'The Princess' is doing fairly well. She's now holding her pee and poop in... all the time. We've not really had any accidents, that is until she falls asleep. Then it all comes flowing out.... Yesterday she was up around 7am and sitting on the potty every hour. At 1pm she had still not peed in the potty or had an accident. She was holding it. At 2pm, she was still dry. We got in the car to run an errand and she... fell...asleep... instantly, she peed. Of course, she woke up and began to cry as she sat in her wet mess in the carseat.

So now, she needs to learn to RELEASE the potty at the appropriate times.

It's progress!

We'll see how the weekend goes.

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