Get your tissues ready and listen to this beautiful song by One Republic.

I have been deeply touched by this story ever since I first saw debut on Dateline several months ago.

I've tried keeping up to date with the case since then and it seems to just keep getting knocked down by the Brazilian Government. I can't even imagine what this Father must be going through. We need to spread the word. Tell everyone you know. Copy this video and share it with your friends and family.

To read more about the story of David Goldman and the fight for his son visit Bring Sean Home

I know, I know you're shocked because I've posted twice in one day right?

Well, I wanted to share that beautiful picture I got of Princess this weekend but I also want to tell you about something else going on...

We're trying to raise money to be able to attend
Discover Camp, a camp for Neurosurgery patients at the University of Chicago. Our son Nicholas is a patient there. If you'd like to read more about Nicholas, please visit his Caringbridge page.

For a limited time I have slashed prices on my website:

All Bracelet's are now $5
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Please share this special with your friends and family. These make great gifts!

My Bracelets are excellent quality and last WAY longer than any store bought child jewelry. I started making them when Princess was just a baby. I had become frustrated when the cheap bracelet I purchased for her at Clai*res broke apart within hours. I knew there was a better solution and so I set off to make high quality, yet affordable bracelets for kids. You gotta trust me, these are TOUGH! As a toddler, she couldn't get them off no matter how much tugging she did. She gets so many compliments by people whenever she wears her Bella Bracelets.

So, take advantage of this fabulous sale now. Also, don't forget about upcoming Birthday or Christmas.

Thank you!!!!

Even though you're a handful...
You are my Sunshine

I was contacted and asked to review a brand new book by Ninni Holmqvist. Unfortunately, I just didn't have time to read it and passed it off to a friend of mine. I have posted her wonderful review below...

The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist

Holmqvist’s novel which takes place in the near future is beautifully written; sometimes the language is almost painfully descriptive. At times; reading this novel is more like watching a movie, with ever single action described in extensive detail. The main character, Dorrit is a woman who has just turned 50 years old and is now deemed as a “dispensable,” in her society; someone who is no longer needed in the community as a whole being. Women over 50 and men over 60 are required to move into the unit, where they are to participate in experiments of all different sorts, with their lives ending by making their “final donation,” which means donating vital organs to those who are “needed,” out in the community. The majority of needed people are parents, who are wanted to be kept alive to raise their children. The novel spans over two years, and at the beginning, other types of needed (or protected) people worked in professions such as in the government, are teachers or doctors and didn’t necessarily need to have children. Nevertheless at the end of the novel, even those involved in those professions are no longer protected from having to make the ultimate sacrifice. Women and men, who do not produce children in the outside community, are seen as outcasts. Even though this novel takes place in Sweden, there seems to also be a stigma against people who do not have families in our own country. People with children and people without are considered worlds apart.

I find it interesting that the word community is relegated to more of a negative thing, even though everyone in the unit, ends up making the ultimate sacrifice to the community. There are negative and reciprocal feelings that the “dispensable” and the “needed” have for each other. I also found it interesting that people with children are rarely referred to as husband and wife. They are referred to as “partners,” who do not have to necessarily be married or even be of opposite genders. Another issue that disturbed me is that the leap does not seem to be a very large one between our current assisted living centers or nursing homes for the elderly to places like the unit. One issue that bothered me about this book is that Holmqvist never seems to state whether the need for vital organs has increased dramatically due to a rise in cancer or other factors, or if it is just a natural progression. There is a huge movement in the U.S., for people to donate their organs if they die. In this state, you can check a box on your drivers’ license that states you are a donor. My father thinks that everyone should have to donate their organs that die. He sees it as a waste when people do not. So in reality, how far are we away from places like units?

Dorrit is a writer who never has constant work and she was poor. In the unit, she never has to worry about buying food, clothes or any other necessities. She has access to state of the art exercise machines, gyms, classes, a swimming pool, a sauna as well as wonderful dining and entertainment. However, there is this constant underlying feeling of panic. People never know when their friends might disappear; they never know what negative effects they could have from the medical experiments in which they are forced to take part. The generations within the unit are very short. Living over 3 years in the unit is something of an anomaly. Within these walls with no windows but a domed ceiling that lets the “dispensable” look at the night sky, Dorrit finds friends that she never had out in the community and she also falls in love. The twists that happen at the end of the book are interesting but the decisions she makes because of what happens to her are remarkable. I recommend this book to people who enjoy fiction that may be closer to the truth, to those who enjoy friendship, love, but are willing to deal with disturbing issues that are raised within the pages.
--Review by Heather Cory


Barnes & Noble

Princess really enjoyed the show (mentioned in previous post) but after a long day her world came crashing down. THIS is what we had the pleasure of listening to on the way home....

Everyone knows who Thomas is! Thanks to Mom Select, Princess and I got the chance to go see him live on stage!

"The all-new 90-minute musical adventure Thomas & Friends™ Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes To Town is packed with audience singalongs, high-energy dancing and thrilling adventures.

When Thomas makes a big mistake, all the engines on the Island of Sodor must work together to prepare for the exciting event under the Big Top as Thomas proves he's a really useful engine once again. Along the way, Percy, James, Gordon, and of course Thomas, join with Sir Topham Hatt™ and the townspeople from the Island of Sodor to welcome a colorful cast of circus performers in an engaging story that demonstrates the importance of friendship and cooperation."

I must admit, I was a bit nervous to take Princess to a show like this. She barely sits through movies, and a recent trip to our local Theater to see Beauty and the Beast proved to be disastrous. In the end, I had absolutely NO problems. She loved every minute of it. The show was great and managed to keep the kids attention very well. (It does help that staying quiet is not a prerequisite, and dancing, clapping, singing along are encouraged!) I managed to take some adorable video. Sorry the quality is not real great on my cell phone camera but I digress...

If you're interested in taking your child to a show, I highly recommend this one!

Thomas & Friends™ Live! On Stage: A Circus Comes To Town

Check out this AWESOME new website....

Adoption Voices

It's an Adoption Social Network!

Absolutely filled to the brim with support and excellent information.

If Adoption has touched your lives in any way, you'll find something there for you.

Happy Saturday!

I know most of you are checking in to find out our winner of the LTDchix Giveaway. We had a total of 48 entries. (One person accidentally posted her entries under the wrong post. I'm understanding like that so I counted her entries as #47 and #48)

Sooo thanks to we have our winner!

#40 (Anonymous) said...

I'm all for the shopping mom!

6/12/09 10:13 AM

If that's you, please get back to me with your name, address and phone number and we'll get you your awesome LTDchix shirt right away.

Thanks goes to all of you for entering and helping support a fabulous company.

**For all of you that didn't win, LTDchix is have a special promotion this weekend. Enter Promo Code: beach when checking out for 10% off!!**

I'm happy to announce I have a new giveaway for all my favorite moms out there!

I recently found out about a company...

It was
started by a couple of moms just like us who are balancing full time jobs (whether at work or home) all while holding down the home front, day-in and day-out. They came up with a line of adorable illustrations that show a mom laughing at the less glamorous aspects of running a household. You'll find the mom (shown to the left) on all of their apparel. She's cooking, cleaning, doing laundry etc. Completely overwhelmed, and yet smiling her way through daily life. She truly is "Living The Dream" which is the slogan written beneath each illustration.

It's a great product, you're sure to get a chuckle from everyone. I absolutely L-O-V-E my "Laundry" LTDchix shirt.
These shirts would make excellent gifts for your friends!

If you are interested in winning your very own LTDchix shirt, stop by their website and take a look around. Leave me a comment about which design is your absolute favorite!

***For additional entries you can blog about this giveaway or tweet about it. Be sure and leave a separate comment for each entry. Also, don't forget to provide a link to your blog or twitter entry, all will be verified.***

This contest will end at 10pm (Central time) June 12th. Good luck!

Oh and if you'd like, check out their blog to read some of their funny tales!

This sweet thing is...


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