No, no this isn't the first time she's ever worn a skirt. Hardly. Did you seriously believe that could happen after I had 3 boys!? Naw... she's worn dresses and skirts quite often since we brought her home from the Hospital at 2 days old.

My dilemma: Thanks to potty training, she's now got on PANTIES instead of a diaper!

I used to sit back and watch a good friend of mine become quite antsy if one of her girls (she's got 3 of them) wore a skirt to our home or to the park. I never really understood what the big deal was. Sure, I understand they need to learn proper etiquette but she seemed really kind of harsh about the whole thing.

Well... she'd be amused to know that I now get it. I got that antsy feeling today. I'm absolutely sure it was just me, but I felt as though the entire universe was watching 'The Princess' as she played today during her brother's Football Practice. She'd run and jump and roll and... well you get it. She's 2 1/2. She's spirited, careless and hasn't a clue. Me on the other hand, every movement she made I felt "someone" could see her panties and it REALLY bothered me. So much that I drug her into the car and changed her clothes. Is the day of skirts and dresses really over for us?? (At least until she can learn that proper etiquette which won't be for quite some time.)

For those of you with girls, would you share with me how you deal with this sort of situation??

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    If it worries you, maybe you could find some little shorts (like exerise shorts or "bloomers" or something) and she can wear those under her skirts and dresses! I still do that sometimes, when I am wearing short skirts and am paranoid about them blowing up in the wind or something!
    But seriously, I don't think anyone would be alarmed or offended to see a toddler's undies!  

  2. happyadoptingmom said...

    I always had my little girl wear biker shorts under her skirts and dresses. It was easier then telling her to not show her panties all the time.  


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