'The Princess' qualifies for Speech Therapy(ST) and Occupational Therapy(OT). As a parent, I have certain expectations. I expect her to receive those services from a licensed therapist trained in his/her specified field. I do not expect a ST to provide OT and vice versa. Seriously, am I asking to much??

It seems that in our area, with the local Early Childhood Education program, this is common practice. I was appalled when we moved here and they expected me to agree to such a thing. Instead, we signed a contract that they would only provide her Speech Services and we would take her to a Private OT elsewhere.

Well, last week when her ST came to our home for our usual appointment he informed me that it would be his last day. Their Occupational Therapist was back from maternity leave and would now be coming instead. (To provide both OT and ST) I was stunned. Our daughter has been getting wonderful OT services through a licensed therapist for 9 months now. We are very happy with her. They think I suddenly want to change things around? And with no notice whatsoever! I was livid.

Needless to say, we have now pulled out of our local ECE program entirely.

My thoughts for them: Try and save your money and someone else's child. Mine deserves better than that!! So, now we're on the lookout for a good Pediatric Speech Therapist. Wish us luck!

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