We're well on our way to being potty trained. 'The Princess' did okay the first 2 days. She would hold her pee and poop and didn't have any accidents, that it until she fell asleep and then it would all come out. Day 3 was the worst! She peed in her training panties every chance she got. I was ready to give up, but after reading and re-reading the book there was a paragraph that stuck out to me:

"If you are persistent in requiring a new behavior such as pottying and the child senses that you will not become discouraged and back off, he will comply with your wishes and continue in the new behavior. However, a hit and miss approach confuses the child and he will do whatever he pleases..."

SO, with the support of my hubby we decided to press on. We'd give it a full week before throwing in the towel. Turns out we made a wise decision because on day #4, she started using the potty. She's averaged just 1 accident a day. It's been wonderful!!!!!!!

I'm a bit worried about taking her out in public yet. She's being very particular about it all. She won't pee if you're standing in the bathroom with her. You have to walk out and pretend to be doing something else before she'll go. In a public restroom, you can't really do that. We're going to a Redhawks Baseball (Oklahoma Minor League) game on Saturday so I'm about to find out REAL quick. I'll let you know how it goes.

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