How much bad news can YOU take all at once?

We've had...

~Lost wages due to injury

~Over $1000 in car repairs

~Blown a tire on the highway (not included in the above amount!)

~Our identity stolen (no joke)

~Our Bank Accounts emptied (seriously, who buys $500 worth of Strawberries?? Well, apparently, the person who stole our Bank information does. INCREDIBLE!)

~AND a Death in the family!!

....I keep thinking, of course it rains when it pours but it can't possibly get any worse right?? AND IT DOES.

I'm just so proud, I have to share with all of you!! Remember not long ago when Princess won the Dejah Quinn 2008 Cover Child contest?

Well, here is a sample of her work. Isn't it awesome!?

Be sure and check out her website:
Dejah Quinn Photography

Or, if you want to read her Blog the link is over there. -------->

I finally got up the courage to look at NJ's hospital bills.

(Up until now, hubby has taken care of payment arrangements and hospital billing stuff. I just couldn't stomach the thought at the time.)
So anyway, we've had so much bad news lately I figured it couldn't get any worse right?

Might as well bite the bullet and know how much the surgery cost us.

So here goes... a whooping $68,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Just wow.

The good news? Our insurance company has paid a lot more than we were expecting them to pay. (Keep your fingers crossed that they don't realize thier mistake and turn around and bill us!!)

I finally got out this weekend and took some new pictures. Here are a few. I'm not over the top about them, but it's a start right? My camera has been sitting way too long...


Support the cause of Foster Care Adoption!!

During Father’s Day Weekend June 14 and 15th , participating Wendy’s will donate 50 cents from the sale of every Frosty product to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

I get bored easily. I move around furniture often, rearrange things on my kitchen counter, reorganize my pantry, heck I even dig up plants and move them in my garden.

Thanks to Rumblings & Bumblings and

I stumbled upon an awesome contest!

Check it out over at...
Eightcrazy Designs

Eightcrazy Designs does personalized blog creations that are absolutely amazing. Guess what? If I win, I'll get to choose between a custom banner or one of their pre-designed blogs.

I'm SUPER excited about it!! It's time for a new look here on Snips Snails and Pigtails. And perhaps a new look will restart my interest in blogging? I sure hope so.

I know, I know, I've been a really bad blogger the past few weeks.

I just haven't been able to bring myself to post my all of our recent happenings and the feelings that come along with them. I suppose it's because so much of what I have to say is negative. Who wants to read all my whining and pouting?

I know it's not just us. So many people are going through hard times right now. It doesn't help that when you stop to fill up at the pump you can't help but notice the near $4.00/gal price tag. (I know it's even higher in some areas) When you go to the store for milk and it's nearly twice what it was just a few years ago, you know somethings up...and it's certainly not people's spirits!

Then I turn to my son and I see the 6 inch scar up the back of his head. Will his hair ever cover it? But that pondering is only skin deep, then I begin to find myself wondering was it worth it??? I mean, we're nearly 3 months out and he's still getting headaches, he complains that his legs hurt and he's dizzy anytime he's active. His handwriting is still downright awful, we've seen no improvements there.... and the bills are rolling in. OH MY GOD are the bills rolling in! Decent insurance doesn't help much when you choose to go "Out of Network" to take your child to the best Doctor possible. Don't get me wrong, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I'm not taking any chances when dealing with my son's brain. I guess I do have to mention, he's not gagging and choking on food anymore. He's not constantly nauseous or vomiting either so I suppose the surgery wasn't entirely in vain. I guess I was just hoping for more. I knew there was a risk that the surgery wouldn't fix everything, but I had high hopes. Perhaps they were too high?

Then I turn to our new problem. My hubby was injured while lifting weights a few weeks ago. It doesn't look good for him. He's the breadwinner of the family, and with no disability coverage and a probability of shoulder surgery for him, the outlook is bleak.

I need to grab my camera and go out and snap some new shots of the kids. It's good therapy, I know it is, but I can't seem to get the energy to even turn my camera on here lately. Every day I find myself thinking... Tomorrow, tomorrow I'm going to get out and take some pictures. Well, tomorrow comes and goes and the camera continues to sit and collect dust. It's just not right! Tomorrow.... *sigh*

I'm looking forward to a nice change in luck. A brighter sun in the sky and less doom and gloom around here. If anyone wants to send any our way, please do!!


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