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Did you happen to catch Dateline on Friday??? You've got to watch this:

It was a deeply touching story of an American man David Goldman, who sent his wife and young son off on a plane for vacation in Brazil. He planned to meet up with them later in the trip. Little did he know that was the last time he would ever see his son again. His wife and her parents were in the process of abducting Sean and taking him to Brazil with no intention of ever returning.

Court battle after court battle and just when it looks as if Brazil will never allow him access to his son, the ex-wife dies. Yet, STILL he fights for custody of his son. Now going up against the a man his ex-wife married (essentially the Step Father) who should have no say in the matter!

It is speculated the reason this fight has gone on for so long is because he is up against two very powerful and influential families in Brazil, the Ribeiro's and Paulo Lins e Silva's, that have done all they can to prevent him from being reunited with Sean.

This story has really gotten to me and I wanted to do my part in spreading the news all over the world. We cannot let things like this happen. Will you help David find justice? Will you help him get his son back??

Sign the petition here.

Read more about this story here: Bring Sean Home

Click here if you missed the Dateline episode and would like to see more.


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