It's back to the hustle and bustle of life. Our days of lounging around playing all day are over. We now begin at 6am, when it's still dark out and go, go, go until 9pm when it is again dark outside.

Usually Monday mornings I wake up refreshed and ready for the week. Today, not so much. I feel like I was run over by a truck and I can see another truck coming towards me in the distance. Yet, I cannot muster up enough energy to get up off the ground to move out of it's way!

'The Princess' continues to do well on the potty. She had a day last week where she refused to go at all, but thankfully it was short lived and she got right back on track.

We received another Finger-Print card in the mail on Friday. This has got to be the 4th or 5th time we've had our finger prints done! I wish these 2 States could get their act together and share information for once. We submitted updated annual paperwork to our Adoption worker 3 weeks ago. Things like: Pet Vaccinations, Car Tags and Registrations, Driver's License Information, Medical Examinations. We've been here a year and they were all about to expire so we had to re-submit them. Well, last week we were contacted by our Licensing Worker who claims to need the same things! I explained that I went to all the trouble to gather documents for the Adoption Worker, couldn't she just get them from her?? Apparently not.

I'm like a single mother getting my children all of the places they need to be in the afternoon. 2 of the boys are playing Football this year and of course they are on different teams. We have practice every day of the week except Wednesdays. Don't ask me how I will manage to be at both of their games at the same time. (My husband works nights and also Saturday mornings when all of the games are held)

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Sounds awfully chaotic! You would think that since all of those people are working together for the same reason, they should be able to get info from each other, instead of you having to do it over and over again!  


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