I finally got up the courage to look at NJ's hospital bills.

(Up until now, hubby has taken care of payment arrangements and hospital billing stuff. I just couldn't stomach the thought at the time.)
So anyway, we've had so much bad news lately I figured it couldn't get any worse right?

Might as well bite the bullet and know how much the surgery cost us.

So here goes... a whooping $68,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Just wow.

The good news? Our insurance company has paid a lot more than we were expecting them to pay. (Keep your fingers crossed that they don't realize thier mistake and turn around and bill us!!)

2 messages:

  1. ~Momma Chaos said...

    Holy crap! Gotta love the cost of hospital bills :( Fingers crossed that the insurance company doesnt figure it out !LOL! :)  

  2. Brenda said...

    Wow! That is an amazing amount.
    Here is to hoping that the insurance company didn't make a mistake. I feel once they pay the money out and if there was a mistake it was their fault and you should not be punished for their mistake. Good luck.  


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