How much bad news can YOU take all at once?

We've had...

~Lost wages due to injury

~Over $1000 in car repairs

~Blown a tire on the highway (not included in the above amount!)

~Our identity stolen (no joke)

~Our Bank Accounts emptied (seriously, who buys $500 worth of Strawberries?? Well, apparently, the person who stole our Bank information does. INCREDIBLE!)

~AND a Death in the family!!

....I keep thinking, of course it rains when it pours but it can't possibly get any worse right?? AND IT DOES.

5 messages:

  1. Brenda said...

    I am so sorry to read about all that has been happening.

  2. Cole Twins said...

    OH HOLY SHIT girlfriend!!!
    Sorry for the language, BUT Oh Kristen. I am so sorry!!!

    Hang in there lady!!  

  3. M said...

    Good lord!

    Keep, your head up though. It will get better. It's got to right :)

    $500 worth of strawberries...very odd.  

  4. jeneflower said...

    Wow. You are dealing with a lot.
    It does pour when it rains!!

    Maybe you need to get the ball rolling in the other direction.

    Create something good-


    You did win my contest.

    I know it isn't much, but something...  

  5. Veggie Mom said...

    I'm so sorry! Hope things are looking up for you in the future. BTW, thanks for stoppy by my blog and entering! Please remember to Share the Comment Love, and tell all your Bloggy Friends about the contest, too. The more the merrier!  


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