I'm just so proud, I have to share with all of you!! Remember not long ago when Princess won the Dejah Quinn 2008 Cover Child contest?

Well, here is a sample of her work. Isn't it awesome!?

Be sure and check out her website:
Dejah Quinn Photography

Or, if you want to read her Blog the link is over there. -------->

5 messages:

  1. Brenda said...

    Wow she looks just like a princess! But she did before the pictures too, the dress and crown just complete the look.

  2. slothslady said...

    That photographer is great! What a beautiful girl the princess is!  

  3. The SITS Girls said...

    What a doll! Thanks for joining SITS! Come by daily to Roll Call and shower the featured blogger on comment love!  

  4. M said...

    WOW!!! She is absolutely gorgeous!  

  5. rmgales said...

    She's worthy of the Princess title. Great photos!  


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