I'm struggling. I mean, really really struggling. I'm not sure if it's because my husband has been working 2 full time jobs the last 2 weeks (no exaggeration) and we've hardly seem him. Or maybe it's the Holiday Stress? Perhaps, it's just the fact that she's almost 3... I'm just at a crossroads and I'm not sure where to turn.

Her behavior can be downright ghastly. I'm tired and out of ideas. We're on the waiting list for PCIT. (Parent Child Interaction Therapy)for MONTHS now. They called us recently and offered us an opportunity. They were teaching Therapists the program and we would be the subjects. It was a way to get into the program sooner. It would have been wonderful had it worked with our schedule- but alas it dit not. So we were returned to the waiting list pool to wait our turn.

Our boys were pretty decent as 2 year olds, but 3 was awful. Whoever named the terrible two's was way off! I'd hoped that since 'The Princess' was so difficult at 2, that she would skip the terrible 3's. Now, it's looking like I am not so lucky in that department. She's only gotten bigger, stronger, louder and more persistent.

My sweet girl has some kind of insomnia lately as well. She just doesn't sleep! It takes 2 hours for her to fall asleep for naps... then of course she isn't ready for bed until 10pm. So we tried (much to my dismay) skipping naps all together. Well for some reason that just made it worse. She's up until midnight or later. Laying awake in her bed, talking to herself. Laughing, giggling and shrieking. There is no rhyme or reason for it.

Of course, it's very likely that sleep deprivation is tightly linked to her behavioral problems during the day... so what's the solution!?!? You can't MAKE a child sleep. My hands are tied as far as medication goes. I've already asked the Doctor permission to give Melatonin. (Something that our previous Doctor in Colorado approved for our son when he was having trouble falling asleep) Our new Doctor claimed to know nothing about it and didn't want to give her meds just yet. So I am forced to wait until the Adoption is finalized when I can make the decision to give it to her. (Since she's technically still a Foster Child we could get into big trouble if we gave it to her without Doctors permission.)

Any ideas??

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  1. Brenda said...

    GOSH....I am so sorry to read about this. My adoptive son is having trouble with the sleeping and taking naps too. He will be 3 in March of next year. His Nutritionalist at the WIC office suggested the Melatonin and it has helped a little. He is crazy/grumpy lately too.

    Maybe talking to another Pediatrician could help. Good luck...feel for you.  

  2. jeneflower said...

    Piney is taking naps every other day now, perhaps something to try?

    They are getting smarter about getting into trouble, aren't they? I have had to take away her favorite little rocking chair because she was using it as a step stool to get into things. When I told her why I was taking it away she stopped crying and laughed with a sheepish big grin!  

  3. M said...

    I don't think I can offer any suggestions either. We're in somewhat of the same boat. It seems like my sweet angel is staying up longer and longer and then getting up several times a night. But, then when she spends the night with my parent's, she sleeps like an angel. I think she's just mean and wants to drive her mommy crazy.  

  4. Esther said...

    I have a friend who took Melatonin with great success.

    Our oldest son who has ODD, has had trouble falling asleep for years. That resolved when he went to middle school this year, has to get up at 6am, and he's exhausted by the time his head hits the pillow in the evening.

    Before middle school though, things that helped him were:

    avoid sugar/chocolate/caffeine entirely, but if has any, cut off access before 4-5pm.

    Limit sugary/caffeine drinks after 4-5pm. Even juice gave him too much sugar, so he has water with dinner & after.

    Get lots of exercise.  


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