As I stated earlier this week The Princess’s Occupational Therapist has some concerns that she brought to my attention.  The Princess has no sense of body awareness.  She’ll slide into any obstacle without hesitation; she walks off the top of the stairs without so much as looking down to see what’s below her.  She completely lacks cause and effect.  We’ve seen this at home for sometime now, but again I felt as though I was over analyzing the situation.  I was hoping it was something age related and she would outgrow.  Now we know that’s not the case.  It’s too early to say whether or not she will ever get it. This information helps paint the picture as to why she’s such a monkey, climbing on anything and everything in sight.  Why she’s yet to learn that if she climbs onto the table, she very well may fall and if she does it’s going to HURT.  Why she needs constant supervision to keep her safe…

She’s been referred to 2 different programs.  The first is called PCIT, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.  Its specialized behavior management designed for young children such as The Princess and their families.  It works with the child and caregiver together to improve overall behavior and reduce parenting stress. It’s an intense 12-14 week program. Children participating in PCIT with their parents/caregivers increase their ability to reach their full potential.  The other referral is for children who are considered at high-risk for difficulties in their development. Many of the children in the program are Foster or Adopted children. They offer specialized interventions.  I’m so excited to have these kinds of this kind of thing available to us!!  Both have waiting lists, so we will sit and wait. 


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