So call me impatient. I really am! I'll be the first one to admit it. (My husband is nodding his head furiously)

I couldn't just sit around any more. Not since I know how close we are. I didn't want our case to fall through any more cracks. So this afternoon I picked up the phone on a whim and called our Adoption Worker. She answered the phone right away and told me she had filed the paperwork TODAY at the Courthouse. She said typically she will hear back regarding a court date within the same day, but it's possible that the Clerk and/or Judge are still out on Holiday and we should hear something by Monday.

Worst case scenario? Our Adoption date will be Feb. 5th. She said there is a Permanency Planning set up for that day already and they may just do it then. She's hoping that's not the case and we'll get in sooner.

Heck, after all this time, I'm good with Feb. 5th!! If it comes sooner than that, WONDERFUL.

It's almost surreal. We're actually going to finalize this Adoption!

4 messages:

  1. happyadoptingmom said...

    Congratulations on getting a date!!! At least you know by February 5th it will be over!!  

  2. ~ Kelly said...

    Woohooo!! Feb will be here before you know it :)  

  3. M said...

    Great news!!! Hopefully you will get a date soon.  

  4. Nicki Mann said...

    Before I met any kids who were in foster care, I never realized just how many cracks there are to slip through in the foster care/adoption system! Its a wonder ANYONE makes it out okay!  


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