Well, as the year draws to a close we still have no Adoption date on our Calendar. It seems the possibility of finalizing in 2007 is very remote.

I did get a call yesterday from her Colorado Caseworker. She wanted to know her new name and the spelling. Something that I've already given her coworkers too many times to count in the last few weeks.

I never will understand how they can possibly all work together yet not share a single piece of information.

We continue to wait patiently and try not to think about her 3rd birthday quickly approaching. It will be kind of sad if we're not finalized before then.

Regardless, we had a wonderful Christmas and look forward to the New Year!

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  1. Esther said...

    Thank you for contacting me about your blog, and getting an invite to mine ;o)

    I wish I would have known about your blog earlier. It's great! Love the Car Christmas present you posted about.

    What is a subsidy (and the talk you do of it?) I know what a subsidy is according to the dictionary, but what is it in adoption lingo? Is it the SW/SW job? I realize things have different names in different states.

    Can you recommend any of your favorite blogs? I'm always on the lookout.

    Hugs, Esther  

  2. ~ Kelly said...

    ugh, I feel your pain!! Hopefully you get an adoption date soon!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a date before her 3rd bday!! My youngest (foster to adopt) is going to be 2 in March and we're still stuck in limbo waiting on TPR on BM (Bd is planning to surrender once BM is terminated on- or at least that's the plan) who has been MIA off and on most his life.. BLAH!! Dang slow system! I'm sure he'll be 3 or so before we get him adopted..  

  3. M said...

    I'm right there with you. Waiting really sucks! Mine is going to be three in April and is going to be starting dance classes and such and I really really want to sign her up as our last name. I know in the grand sceme of things, it's probably not a big deal, but right now it is to me.  


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