It arrived in the mail.
It's small and very unique looking.
If you found one on the street, you would probably not have a clue as to what it was.
It's the ultimate solution to to our problem.

So...what is it you ask??


It's called a Thumb*Guard or T*Guard. Hopefully it will help us to break the thumb sucking habit that is wreaking havoc on Princess's mouth.

We put it on Princess last night just before bedtime. It was NOT a pretty scene. She was very upset and even though we've discussed what was going to happen for weeks now she declared with all her might... SHE WANTED HER THUMB back!!!!!

Hubby and I pressed on and she eventually quieted down.

The first time I checked on her she had her finger resting over the nose just like it does when she is sucking her thumb. At first I thought she was sucking her thumb, but upon closer inspection I found that it was resting just outside her mouth. Unfortunately, later in the night we found she had managed to pull her thumb out of the device and it was resting comfortably in it's familiar warm spot-back in her mouth.

Today is a new day and we try again, making some adjustments to the fit as the child isn't supposed to be able to get their thumb out like she did.

We'll see how it goes. Watch for updates on our progress. It is suggested they wear the Thumb*guard for at least 30 days to ensure that we break the habit completely. We plan to follow it through to the end.

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