I'm SO excited.

Princess is a Goo*ma Girl!

Of course, I've always known she was a little beauty and there is no doubt- the camera absolutely LOVES her. I'm also honored as this is a compliment to my photography. You see, in order for them to accept your child as a G*ooma Girl, you must be able to take good quality pictures. They said up front that 60% of entrants are usually rejected on the first go around solely due to picture quality. Princess's pictures were accepted right away.

So.... what is a Goo*ma Girl anyway?

Here is an excerpt from the Goo*ma Girl site:

The unique concept began in 2001, when Baby Gassy G*ooma (www.babygassygooma.com) decided they would find their models in a rather unique way. Instead of using a typical modeling agency, they decided to start holding model searches thru their own customer base. The concept was unique in that each models parent served as the photographer. They were mailed clothing in exchange for pictures. It was a win-win situation. The kids got free clothes, and the company saved a lot of money by not having to pay costly agency fees.

In 2005, there was so much interest that they began holding annual G*ooma Girl model searches. Each year, as the line grew and became more popular, so did the interest in each year's model search.

Though she is not one to publically seek the praise, Gretchen is often times credited for having started this modeling trend, and even industry insiders such as Journal Modiste have written about it. G*ooma Girls has received press thru James Girone and Dashin's Guide to Online Children's Fashion.

This type of modeling gives 100% control back to the parents.

"In this day and age, especially, moms really need to watch over their daughters, and that is why we encourage them to take the active role by becoming the actual photographer for the shoot."

In laymen's terms, my daughter will get free outfits (gorgeous designer clothing) or monetary compensation for something that I already do! That extra money will undoubtedly help purchase her new shoes on a regular basis. *wink*

Modeling isn't really in Princess's future as she is on the shy side with other Adults. The unique thing about this is no stranger will ever be photographing her. It will always be ME, which makes me much more comfortable anyway.

If anything, this opportunity will allow her to gain self esteem and confidence which is so important for little girls to have in this day and age.

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  1. mannequin said...

    What a blessing Kristen! This may turn out to be a turning point for the both of you. Everything just seems to have fallen perfectly in place :)

    She really is a beautiful little girl and you capture her spirit so well.
    I hope we get to see all the shots!  


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