It's been a little while since I talked about kajeet. (You can read my previous posts here ) I just had to share how awesome this little piece of equipment was.

For those of you that don't know, kajeet is a unique cell phone service just for kids and teens.

Anyway, I was online in our kajeet account transferring money from my wallet to my son's. While there, I decided to play around with the GPS.

That sucker is SO COOL!!!!!!

Check this out. Here is the "Birdseye" view of my sons phone being located on the kajeet GPS.

Guys, THAT is my HOUSE!!! Look how accurate this thing is. (Click it to make it bigger)

....And we kind of live out in the middle of no where.

Our neighborhood is new and Mapquest doesnt even know we're here- yet the kajeet GPS managed to find it!

Just imagine if your kid left his phone somewhere like a playdate or at the mall etc. You could totally log into your account and find it. I mean seriously.

If you're think about getting your kid a cell phone, i HIGHLY recommend kajeet.

All my readers get 15% off the listed price of the phones.

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4 messages:

  1. mannequin said...

    That is VERY cool. My twelve yr old begs for a cell and I've not given in yet. Kajeet actually seems advantageous for him to own. I'll check it out and come back should I decide to purchase.
    Thanks for the heads up!  

  2. Brunabug said...

    This is a really neat service! I will have to keep it in mind when my little guy grows up more. That is really cool that you can see your house. You do live out in the no where! LOL  

  3. Jenny @ Another Jennifer Speaks said...

    Hi. Was just surfing around some other blogs and I came across yours. I really like it. It's designed nicely too. I think I'll bookmark you for daily reading.

    If you're interested, I have a bloggy directory for mommies. You can find the linky on my bloggy, I won't spam you with it. LOL

    So yea, till I return!!  

  4. Steph said...

    I hope these are still around when my kids are teens. I like the GPS know where they are at all times! Big Brother is watching and it's called MOM!! LOL!  


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