So this weekend a group of girlfriends and I took a trip. We left all of our children and our husbands behind and drove down to Dallas for shopping and relaxation.

We had a grand time! I don't even want to think about how much money I spent shopping, but I did find some great deals and came back with goodies for everyone.

The Hotel was awesome. We stayed at The Embassy Suites Convention Center and Spa, in Frisco, Tx.

On Sunday, a few of us hopped on one of the elevators on our way down to the car. I immediately realized MckMama was completely and totally right. (I'm sure many of you read her blog, but if not you gotta check it out!) Anyway, I'll explain...not long ago she posted this post about the unwritten rule of elevators. Go read it, I'll wait.


Funny eh?

Okay, now I'm standing in this elevator with approximately 8 other people. We're surrounded with complete and total silence. No one makes eye contact, all eyes are on the floor, the ceiling or otherwise. It really is a strange feeling when you've been made aware of what's happening. I just couldn't stand it any longer and it just came out... I announced loudly right there in that there elevator that we were all observing the unwritten rules of elevators quite nicely. I pointed out the uncomfortable silence and lack of eye contact and... and you know what? The uncomfortable feeling left instantly and everyone began to chuckle and laugh. Imagine that. Laughter! In an Elevator!!! AND it was followed by eye contact and chit chat. Just try and think back to the last time you remember that happening when you rode in an elevator- I dare you.

Ahhhh, so it was a great beginning to a great day. I encourage all of you to try it next time you find yourself stuck in a silent uncomfortably quiet elevator. If we all did it, elevators around the World would change. Hmmm, okay so maybe that's stretching it a bit. It couldn't hurt though right?


Happy Monday!

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  1. Brunabug said...

    I was dieing while I read the post about elevators that you had linked. Just yesterday this happened to me and my son while we rode the elevator when I took him to the Allergy Appointment. But he tends to chit chat with most people while on the elevators. But not yesterday. He was shy and quiet. I will remember what you did and try it sometime. We know I don't like living in these uncomfortable elevator rules.

    Also, so glad that you had a a great girls weekend. Those are always needed.  

  2. Texas Lisa said...

    Hi! I found you on mom blogs! We live in Frisco! lol We adopted 4 kids. Two of them from foster care. Nice to "meet you!"  

  3. Steph said...

    That's awesome! And I'm glad you "broke the code"! So cool.  


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