Okay, all of you out there today is National De-lurking day!

That means it's your turn and I wanna hear from you. Come on, it's not that hard. Just click on that little itty-bitty envelope looking thing. It's right up there under the title of this post.

Easy as 1,2,3...
1. Click itty-bitty envelope looking thing.
2. Write hello in the box (or whatever you'd like)
3. Click Publish button

VOILA! You've officially delurked for the day. ☺

*Even signing in is optional, but remember I can't come visit your blog if you don't sign in!

Now, on a more important note. TODAY is also report card day. It's 3:31 and I'm counting down to 4:00 when the boys walk in from school. I'm taking bets. Anyone wanna guess who's card I'll be peeking at first? If anyone guessed my 13 year old- Christopher you guessed right! Who wants to bet he finds himself grounded...YET AGAIN? I am seriously out of ideas with that one. He's to the point where he just doesn't care about anything anymore. ~SIGH~

Hmmm... wonder if he'll even come home.

We shall see.

I'll keep you updated.

2 messages:

  1. happyadoptingmom said...

    Don't be too hard on him grades are not everything!  

  2. JRay said...

    OK, I'm delurking a couple of days late. I found your blog by following someone else's blog and I don't remember who! I kept up because of your little princess. Plus, I live in Colorado now and lived in Oklahoma for about 13 years.

    OK, back to lurking!  


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