The boys and I got a chance to attend the preview screening of the movie "Hotel For Dogs" last night!

I must say, I was impressed. Not only was it an adorable movie, but they did a great job bringing awareness to the need of good foster and adoptive families! I didn't know that was the story line before hand, it was a total surprise.

Sure, the movie probably wont win any awards and the movie reviewers with their noses high in the air will probably hate the show as they do must family films. But we enjoyed it! (Okay, the 13 year old didn't, but he was in a "mood" and wouldn't have enjoyed any movie regardless of what it was)

Speaking of moods... when does it end?? I'm soooooo ready for it to be over. I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster and can't get off. Like I'm walking on eggshells around him just waiting for the hammer to drop at any moment. *SIGH* Love on your sweet little children now before it's too late. They'll soon grow up to be moody, hormonal teenagers that you don't even recognize anymore.

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  1. slothslady said...

    I'm afraid it is just beginning. Kirsten has now adopted the attitude that unless she chose the activity she is NOT interested and refuses to have fun. This is so fun! :)  

  2. Kristina P. said...

    My husband wants an Enlish Bulldog like you wouldn't believe.  

  3. Carrie M said...

    Hi, I read a few of your recent blogs and just felt the need to write you and connect. I am a mother of 3 (all teenagers!) and I have Chiari 1 Malformation and had my surgery (same procedure as your son...except for the shrinking of tonsils)on January 7th, 2008. I just wanted to say "Good for You!" Sounds like you have it together and that your on the right path! If I am right, you have adopted? Also, your son has Chiari?? and you love photography?? I also love photography too!..Well just thought I would say Hi, introduce myself and hope to hear from you.
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    Keep writing! It's all good!  

  4. jenny said...

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