Just an update on Christopher (12). He's managed to pull up his bad grades and currently has A's,B's and C's. Which are MUCH-MUCH better!!!!!!

So we've decided to lengthen his leash a bit. He's back on the football team and he's earned the evil cell phone and PSP back, among other privileges. I wonder how long it will take him to mess up again? .....Sorry but after all that we've been through with him this year, I don't have much confidence that he's going to keep himself out of trouble. (pretty sad eh?)

Though I must say, he's been so much more pleasant to be around these last couple weeks while on restriction. Though perhaps there is still hope... We actually sat down on the couch last night together and watched the local HS football team play against their biggest rivalry on TV. Normally, I would be the last person he'd want to sit next too and cheer with. It was nice. The team lost, unfortunately ending it's 20 game winning streak.... gahhh such a disappointment that was.

And can I just say that it's SO weird that I'm walking and talking football?? I've never been a "sports" kind of girl. But I find myself screaming and chanting, rooting and hollering. I actually know a good call from a bad one now. Trey(8) is playing football this year as well. It's his first year and he is showing amazing potential. When he was tackled and buried on the bottom of the pile during his game on Tuesday, I was able to keep my cool and remain on the sidelines. He staggerd up and I found myself screaming "SHAKE IT OFF TREY!" Oiy, 10 yrs ago I would have never said such a thing. See what having kids will do to ya!?!?

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  1. M said...

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you.  


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