We tried a new hairdo today! I found this one called,Double Criss-Crossies at It's a Girl Thing

Isn't it adorable??

I'm hoping it stays put. There's nothing worse than spending a good chunk of time (okay it took 20 min) on her hair in the morning, only for it to fall out before nap time!

5 messages:

  1. ~Momma Chaos said...

    Too cute! I did the exact same one the other day :)  

  2. ChandraJoy said...

    That is really cute! I can't wait until Allisyn will sit still long enough for me to do fun things with her hair!  

  3. Sandi said...

    oh that's adorable. I may have to try that. I have four daughters.  

  4. M said...

    I checked out that site, it's really cool.

    Now, I just need to forward it to my mom so she can do the actual hair fixing :)  

  5. Bettina said...

    That is too cute! I'm going to check out some other hairstyles!  


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