Recently, we've been having major sleep issues with The Princess. Because of this, we've succumbed to teaching her to stay in her room when she wakes up several times throughout the night.

Each night upon tucking her into bed, I tell her to look outside. I explain to her that it's dark outside and that means the Sun has gone to bed. I say... "Now remember, you don't come out of your room until the Sun get's up, okay?"

Then, this evening as we're driving home from an appointment (it's dark outside) she and I have the following conversation-

Princess: Mommy, where did the Sun go???

Me: The Sun went the nite-nite hunny.

Nooooo!!! The Sun can't go nite-nite.

Me: Yes it can, it was tired. It had to go nite-nite.

But the Sun didn't eat lunch yet! (She get's the terms lunch/dinner mixed up still.) She was VERY concerned that the Sun had gone down without eating his dinner.

Me: Well no, I don't think Sun's eat dinner hun.

YES! Yes, they do. They do eat dinner!

Me: ????

Can you hear the crickets chirping?

Hmmm. I didn't even know what to say back to that so I just left it alone! No sense arguing with a 3 yr old who thinks the Sun eats dinner before heading off to bed. Especially since "I" was the one that started it.

... I wonder what they eat?

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  1. Alicia said...

    Maybe I should try that with my little man on getting him to stay in bed.

    They sure know how to throw some zingers, don't they?  

  2. M said...


    No idea what I would've answered.  


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