The Baby Butler

A Hands Free Bottle Holder invented by a Dad trying to juggle caring for his 2 small children simultaneously.

Boy, let me tell you what a great invention it is!! I really wish something like this was around when my boys were little. Having had 3 little ones at the same time, I know how difficult it is to keep everyone happy... eSpeCialLy when it was time to feed the baby!

This product gives you a helping hand. It allows you to hold and feed your baby while keeping your hands free to do other things. A MUCH BETTER alternative to propping the bottle.

How does it work? Well, the Hands Free Bottle Holder has a weighted pillow on one end that goes over your shoulder to hold it in place. The opposite end features a thick, adjustable Velcro strap to hold any size bottle to your baby's mouth. Viola! Your hands are free to do pretty much anything....Read a book to yourself or another child, feed an older child or even enjoy your own dinner before it get's cold!

There's even a couple bonuses: The Baby Butler is also a changing pad, burp cloth and features a built in pacifier holder.

Baby Butler can be found at specialty retailers and can also be ordered online at

2 messages:

  1. AudreyO said...

    They have come up with so many wonderful inventions since my kids were young. What a clever idea.  

  2. Tropical Family Travel said...

    This is a great product to ensure you can still interact with baby and other kids too simultaneously. Plus, it travels well!  


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