You know, it kind of sucks when you have to choose between your children!

It's Football Playoff time. Both of my kids teams made the playoffs.

Here's the story:

Christopher plays football for the Jr. High. He's played football for 6 years now and yet they put him on 2nd string! If he get's to play at all, it will probably be in the 2nd half when they're no longer at risk of loosing anymore.

This is Trey's first year playing football. He's a natural and a key player for the Team. He plays nearly the entire game both offensive and deffensive lines.

Both games are at the same time this evening.

The Problem:
I am only 1 person.

What to do?????

Of course I jokingly explained to Christopher that I couldn't be at both games at the same time. I guess I was hoping he would tell me not to worry about coming to his game since he didn't get to play much.

It didn't work. He instead chanted: "Come to mine, come to mine, come to mine"!

Ah, can you say backfire?? Now it kind of makes more sense to me to go to Trey's game since this is his first year playing, but when your older child practically begs you to come to HIS....

GAH, this sucks.

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  1. Sandi said...

    ahhh this is a tough one. I am sure I'll run into this sometime. I haven't yet. I have all girls but I am sure they'll do something that coincides and I do not have a clue how I would make that choice.  


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