We took Princess to her very first movie this weekend! Thanks to Grandma, we got the opportunity to attend the screening of Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who.

Princess was pretty good. She could be been better, but she could have been much, much worse. I managed to watch most of the movie, let's just put it that way!

The movie was adorable!! The amazing graphics are a far cry from the sketchy illustrations in the Dr. Seuss Books. The movie also has quite a bit of Adult Humor, stuff that flies over the kids heads, but makes it enjoyable for all. I highly recommend it when it comes out in Theatres near you on March 14th.

3 messages:

  1. Brenda said...

    thanks for the review. i am not sure when Bug will attend his first movie in a theater. Maybe this summer when the local $1.00 movie theater has free movies for the kids out of school. we will see.  

  2. ~Momma Chaos said...

    Wooohooo! Lucky You!! I can't wait for that to come out here! I'm definitely taking both my little ones :)  

  3. The Bus Driver said...

    Yeah! Congrats to the Princess!!! Gabe is going with my Sister to see that the 14th. :) He will be excited when I tell him it was pretty good!!! :)  


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