I got a WONDERFUL surprise in the mail yesterday. Something that I wasn't expecting. (Well, I *was* expecting it, but I wasn't really on the lookout for it you know?)

What was it you ask???

Princess's brand NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!

With ME as her Mother and Hubby as her Father. I stared at the certificate for a long time just taking it all in. Kind of like the Final Decree of Adoption that we'd got within 2 days of the Adoption being finalized.

It was so exciting to open the envelope and realize what it was I held in my hand. The very last piece is now in place. We can now get her a new Social Security Number. We can officially enroll her in school, (just an example, she's got a few years before that yet) or in Soccer or Dance etc.

I'm so giddy over a funny little piece of paper! :-)

5 messages:

  1. Michelle said...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It's funny how much a piece of paper can mean! You are all very blessed to have found each other!

    {{{HUGE HUGS}}}  

  2. Brenda said...

    I remember when we got Bug's new Birth Certificate! It is very exciting! So happy for you guys!  

  3. ~Momma Chaos said...

    Woohoo! Congrats!! I remember that day with my own little princess & can't wait to get there with Drool Prince :) Yippee for you guys!!  

  4. Modern Mama Diana said...

    That is so heartwarming. :) Congratulations.  

  5. The Downtown Boutique said...

    How wonderful! We are hoping to adopt soon, but still trying to patiently wait for a placement.  


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