I wanted to share with you some adorable pictures I found online of a Dachshund- caring for a baby piglet!!

"This mama doxie is fostering this guy for another mom who couldn't take care of him. He had his eyes closed, but now they are open. He is just a little bigger than her other pups. She loves this little guy more than the other puppies and she is nursing him back to health. He is the cleanest puppy ever because she licks him all the time."

Oh wow. I can't begin to describe how much this touches me. I mean, this is the exact same feeling that we have for our Princess. The blood running through her veins may not be that of ours, but our hearts dont pay attention to such inconsequential details.

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  1. M said...

    That is just too adorable.

    I understand exactly what you're saying about Princess because that's the exact same feeling I have for my Sal. Sometimes I almost forget that I actually wasn't pregnant with her.

    Oh, and by the way. Thanks a lot for what you said. As much as I wouldn't wish this on anyone, it's almost nice to know that someone else has been there. And actually made it through and is happy.  

  2. ~Momma Chaos said...

    Aww that's soo cute!!
    I feel the same way about my foster & adopted kids!  

  3. Brenda said...

    yes, these pictures are sooooo cute. I received these pictures in an email from my sister! I almost started to cry. It is just so sweet to know that little piggy had someone to care for him. And he was so clean, from all his foster mom's grooming.  

  4. Bree said...

    Awww..... that is so so cute and sweet!  


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