I've been so sick...I mean, I think I know what it feels like to die sick! It really hit me like a brick wall, crept up on me from a simple cold. The Doctors said it's Pneumonia from exasperated Asthma. (er. something like that, my head wasn't fully comprehending words at the moment) The Doctors contemplated admitting me to the hospital because my oxygen levels wouldn't come up over 87. Instead they stuck me up with 2 shots (Steroid and Antibiotic) and loaded me up with $198.00 in prescription medications...BLECH!!!! I am not joking either. I guess it was cheaper than a hospital stay.

Anyway, today I'm awake and conscious enough to start worrying about finalizing the trip to Chicago next week to see NJ's Neurosurgeon. After making several phone calls I am starting to really worry...

First, the Angel Flight people have not been successful at securing flight arrangements for us. Great! Commercial tickets are running about $400 a pop right now. Yeah that should be easy to swallow after just spending $200 at the Doctors office. (yes, I'm being facious)

Second, the Ronald McDonald House has yet to confirm our reservation. We called the Doctors Nurse whom was supposed to get that taken care of... well somehow, someone dropped the ball and they have no information about us coming. Great!! Of course, the nurse has left for the day and Monday's a Holiday. (Do Neurosurgeons work on Presidents Day??) Tuesday we're supposed to be there in Chicago, checking in for MRI scans bright and early Wednesday morning.


(Can you hear the stress in my voice??)


I think I need to go back to bed now.

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  1. Brenda said...

    I am sending my positive prayers that things will work out. You really don't need this added stress.  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    Are you bringing the kids to Chicago? I live in Chicago (well, the suburbs, actually) so if you need anything... a babysitter, recommendations for things to do, or whatever... just email me!  

  3. Nicki Mann said...

    PS... I just realized that comment makes it sound like you're going to be on VACATION here... but you know what I mean, right???  

  4. Cole Twins said...


    Good luck with your travels tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you. Hope to see you tomorrow evening.

    I would not worry about the doctor and our situation. I am sure he is practically doing all the counting himself now. If anything, it made everyone more aware and there shouldn't bean issues again. I am sure of it!  


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