I just wanted to share a few Cute-isms with you. Our Princess didn't talk for so long, and now she talks non-stop! Some of the cute things she says...

Goosebus "Mommy, boys riding the Goosebus!" (aka SCHOOL BUS)

Me: "What color is the School Bus?
Her: "Color Lello" (aka YELLOW)

Which brings us to the next Cute-ism. When naming colors she must say the word COLOR before saying the color. For example:
Me: What color is Daddy's car? "Color Red!"
What color is your blankie? "Color Pink!"

"I need wipe my Bob-Um" (aka BOTTOM)
*this is absolutely my favorite! It's SOOOOO adorable to hear her say. So much so that I hesitate to correct her to say it the right way!

"Poo Poo Potty. Have too"
She simply can't say, I have to poo poo potty. It's always backwards with a slight pause in the middle. She repeats it over and over until someone encourages her into the bathroom and onto the toilet. "Poo Poo Potty. Have too... Poo Poo Potty. Have too...Poo Poo Potty. Have too..."

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  1. ~Momma Chaos said...

    LOL! That's soo cute! I love it :) My princess has a few things that she still says cute like that and I also hesitate to correct her because DARN IT- it's cute! LOL!  


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