Don't get too excited. It's not what you think.

We didn't awaken to the sweet sounds of Christmas joys. Instead, we hear a knocking on our door. Not ready to get up yet, we ignored it assuming the boys were just anxious to get to the presents. Again, knock knock knock, followed by, "Ummm.... Dad? (pause) Dad?!? Your car rolled down the street!"


We jumped out of bed, and rush around to get dressed. A quick peek outside and this is what we found:

That is our car, that is our NEIGHBORS house!!!!!

This is the note that was found under the windshield wiper:


At least they have a sense of humor eh?

Note: The car did not crash into the house, it stopped just short of the brick. We are extremely lucky!!!

5 messages:

  1. M said...

    That is super hilarious and super scary at the same time. You must have some super neighbors. The note was a nice touch.  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    Whoa, how did that happen? I love how casually your kids told you about it!  

  3. ~ Kelly said...

    OMG!! Lol! Well at least it didn't HIT the house right!? I loved the neighbor's note!! hehee :)  

  4. Laura Christianson said...

    My husband and I are laughing out loud as we read your post and look at the photos. Whew, lucky it didn't hit the bricks!  

  5. slothslady said...

    I have to say that is funny! It wouldn't have been as funny if it had actually hit the house! Thank God for Christmas miracles.  


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