I read an article on Yahoo yesterday that made me burn inside.

Can an Adopted Child be returned?

As the day progressed, the fire inside me grew bigger and bigger. It's Adoptive parents such as these that give Adoptive parents all over the world a bad name. What they did was inexcusable. It's straight and simple... they abandoned their 8 year old daughter. In essence, returning her like a gallon of spoiled milk.

I understand from the Article that she probably suffered from Attachment Disorder. I acknowledge Attachment Disorder is often very difficult to work with, it is probably the single biggest cause of disrupted Adoptions here in the United States.

So what's my problem? Well, this child was Adopted at the age of 4 months. The family "claims" she never adapted to their culture, food or home. WTH??? Come on!!!! She was a tiny little baby. I don't believe that EXCUSE for one minute. 4 month olds will eat what you give them. If there were signs of Attachment Disorder, I want to know what they did to overcome it!?

When you have a biological child that gets into trouble, that becomes difficult... do parents just throw up their hands and give them back?? NO!!!!! So what's the difference? Once Adopted, the child becomes YOUR CHILD. There is no turning back, there is no changing your mind.

I wish there was someway to prevent this from happening. It's just not fair to the children.

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  1. M said...

    Can I say "AMEN!!"

    I can't believe someone would do that. But, from what I've heard, it happens.

    Here in my state, they offer free services to adoptive children until age 18 or 21 if they're in school. So hopefully they can prevent things like that from happening.  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    I read that article. Seems to me like, if that little girl DID have RAD, she probably got it from the neglect she experienced with her adoptive parents, more than whatever she experienced in her first four months of her life. Why did they even adopt a child in the first place? I guess in this case, that little girl is going to be better off without them...  

  3. jeneflower said...

    I am sad for the child and the adoptive parents. What a sad story.  

  4. Livin' out loud said...

    I was soooo burned up by this story as well. I just cannot comprehend!

  5. ~ Kelly said...

    I read the same story and can agree with your sentiments exactly!! What kind of society do we live in where it seems perfectly acceptable to just 'return' a child like it's no big deal?! ugh!!  

  6. Laura Christianson said...

    I've heard of people adopting teenagers and having to send them to a group home because their behavior is beyond out-of-control, but parents "returning" an 8-year-old whom they adopted as an infant? Unbelievable!  


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