A Digital Camera perhaps?

Last year, Digital Cameras were the #1 requested electronics gift for the holiday season. Odds are that you either own a digital camera or it's high on the top of your want list.

I'm actually on my 3rd Digital Camera now. Each one has been better and better. It's a Nikon D40, a Digital SLR.

I was sick and tired of my "slow" camera and desperately wanted a Digital SLR. Being the spoiled queen that I am, my husband lovingly purchased me one for my 29th birthday. I haven't looked back since.
I wonder if I could talk hubby into a Nikon D3 one of these days?

There is only one word that can sum up my newest Nikon...AMAZING. Out of the box it took gorgeous photos. The images were crisp and clear. Even inside the house, in poor lighting! It's so fast, there is no lag at all when snapping pictures. (A must when taking photos of busy children who don't like to sit still!) I use it everywhere I go. I drag it to play dates with 'The Princess', the boys sporting events, grandmas house, the park... like I said, everywhere!!

One of my favorite photos taken with my D40 is this one...

My best tip for using a Digital Camera is take LOTS of pictures. I often use the "Countinuous Shooting Mode" option. It allows me to take many pictures very quickly. (Especially useful when you're chasing after an active 2 yr old!) That way, I am sure to catch the very best possible shot.

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  1. ~ Kelly said...

    love the picture! Your little one is gorgous!! I'm currently on the lookout for a new camera, mine is old, outdated, slow and heck I just want a new one! LOL! THe Nikon D40 is on the top of my list, although I was playing with a new Kodak one at Walmart last nite and it took short videos & great pictures... now I'm conflicted.. Dont' suppose the Nikon takes short videos does it?  


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