Ice Storms are a fairly new concept to me. Growing up in Denver, we had snow of course. It wasn't until we moved to Oklahoma last year, that we were introduced to Ice Storms. In fact, the kids missed nearly a week of school due to the storms last year! Our school district cancelled a large portion on their Spring Break in order to make up days. I am currently having dejavu....

The news stations have been covering this storm for several days now and it's hit us in full force. Once again, the kids are home from school. I don't see them going tomorrow either as it just continues to worsen as the day goes by. More and more people are without power. (So far so good for us! I'll keep my fingers crossed)

I spoke to my sister a few minutes ago and the extremeley large tree in the front of her yard has has split down the middle. Part of it has fallen onto her front porch, blocking her in. The rest of it is ready to fall and crash through her front window. The powerlines that run behind her house have fallen into her yard. She's shut up in her own home. She's trapped inside with her 13 month old daughter. Police told her unless the powerlines start a fire, they cannot come and help her out of her house!! I just can't understand that. They must really be in over thier heads in order to tell a single woman they they can't help her and her baby daughter out of thier home when I tree is about to fall on it!

Send your thought and prayers to all of the people in Oklahoma City who are without power, stranded or injured.

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  1. M said...

    Hope everything clears up soon and you guys don't lose power. Good luck!  


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