We've been talking about what to do for 'The Princess' in honor of her Adoption Day. I've been browsing the Internet and found there are many online stores that offer a multitude of choices. Pendants, Bracelets, Books, Stuffed Animals, clothing you name it!

We were thinking on her special day we'd take her to Build a bear.

We will let her choose her favorite stuffed animal and then as an *official* family, stuff it together! Making the bear *extra* special, I thought we might put a photo of her birth mom inside. Do you think that's a bad idea? I'm not sure why, but I seem to have such a strong feelings for her birth mom. I'm so thankful that she chose to give our little girl life. Sure she made many mistakes. I've gone through all of the emotions.. Trust me, the anger I've felt inside because of the things this woman did while she was pregnant.... but in the end, our daughter is bright and beautiful. She is alive. Her birth mother could have chosen abortion after all.

~Anyway, sorry I'm getting way deeper than I ever intended too when I started this post.~

We'll also be getting her ears pierced. Something I've wanted to do for sooooo long now. I joke with the hubby that they'll never know. We should just go ahead and do it now. It's not like the caseworkers would notice! But no, the hubby insists we wait. So we will, and it will be that much more special on Adoption Day.

Do you have any ideas for us? Did you give your child anything special on Adoption Day?

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  1. M said...

    That sounds like an awesome adoption day gift! I hope it's a great day. I'm thinking of having a party on our day, what do you think?

    By the way, if you haven't noticed, I stole your poll :) I thought it was a great idea.  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    Build-A-Bear sounds like a great idea, and I love the idea of including a picture of her birth mom inside the bear! As she gets older it will be a concrete way for her to realize that she and her birth mother will always be a part of each other.  

  3. Trace said...

    Thanks for stopping by. I think they are great ideas. How old is she? Are you making a scrap/life book? If not for now, but for the future?  

  4. Beverly said...
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