I heard a bad word today. It's a nasty evil word, that no one wants to hear...ever.

I'll whisper it, because saying the word aloud stings of pain.... Rejected

Yes, that's right REJECTED (Okay, so yelling it makes me feel a bit better)

For the last 4 years, we've had our fingerprints taken multiple times. I've actually lost count on how many times we've had them done. Never, not even once have we had an issue with our fingerprints.

Of course, being that this was the last time we would have to have fingerprints run in order to finalize our daughter's Adoption...OF COURSE they would be rejected!! (Actually, it was just my prints, something about them being smudged.) The FBI will not accept them and I must resubmit.

Do you know what this means? It means we will ~not~ be finalizing this Adoption in 2007. We're talking about a 2 month delay. Perhaps longer depending on how quickly Denver gets me a new Fingerprint Card, depending on how backed up they are over at the FBI. It took over 2 months for the last set of prints to come back.

I'm honestly trying to decide if it would be worth it to Fly out to Denver and do a digital fingerprint scan there in the Human Services building. The results would be back in 3-5 DAYS. So is it worth a $200 plane ticket?? I'm not quite sure yet....

What do you think?

4 messages:

  1. jeneflower said...

    Sorry to hear that. I know of a way that might help you get the prints back faster. I will email you.  

  2. happyadoptingmom said...

    I would buy the plane ticket:) I am so sorry about the delay.  

  3. - Kelly said...

    ack! Sorry about the delay.. Were it me, I'd probably fork over the $200 for the plane ticket to just get it over with! LOL! Every moment that my youngest is not officially mine is yet another moment that I have to worry that something will happen and he won't get to stay. Good luck with your decision!  

  4. Shellie said...

    I had so many fingerprints taken before our adoption was final I felt like a criminal! Here's hoping you can get them fast.  


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