I got a call yesterday from the woman assigned to handle our daughters Adoption Subsidy. She needs a copy of our tax return ASAP, which I will be mailing out today. I'm not really sure why that information is necessary, but I didn't ask questions. A conference call (meeting) is set up for Dec. 5th to discuss and agree on a Subsidy package. She will be calling us before that date with an "offer". Gee, it almost sounds like....buying a car or something. ?? Well whatever it is, it certainly doesn't seem right.

On a brighter note, she asked for our daughters new name and spelling! We've had that picked out for sometime now and have even started calling her by the new name. I don't know why, but telling her that information was sooooooooo exciting!!!!!!! It's almost real now. I think it's been so long since we got word we would be her Adoptive family, that it's just surreal. I hear that once the Adoption is finalized our Hearts will suddenly open completely... and I just can't imagine that! She already feels like our own child. I don't feel any differently toward her than I do my biological children, so I can't imagine a little piece of paper that makes it official is going to do anything different to my heart. We shall see. I did have a strange warm feeling, one that I had not felt before, as I tucked her into bed last night. Perhaps there IS some part that is closed off, protecting itself from hurt and pain that would come if she were to be removed from our family?? I guess only time will tell....

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Maybe its a subconscious thing... Maybe they're not saying you'll actually LOVE your child more, because its hard to love a child more than you already do... but maybe just a part of you will relax, knowing she's officially FOREVER YOURS!  

  2. - Kelly said...

    I find it very interesting when people talk about negotiating subsidy. When we adopted our little girl (June '06) we didn't negotiate subisdy. I told DCS that according to state laws she was eligible, they looked it up, agreed with me and had me sign a paper with the amount of subsidy. There was no discussion or offers =just sign this..
    Congrats on getting to this next step :)  


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