Well, she came. The beloved Adoption Worker that we've been waiting on for over a year now. As you can tell by my lack of exclamation marks, I am not jumping for joy.

Seems the woman received our paperwork on her desk and was told to have it completed in 2 weeks what typically takes 3 months. So yeah, she's not too fond of us and I'm frankly not to fond of her. There was just something about her....whatever it was, it didn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I should be overjoyed that she's supposed to do everything so quickly, but after waiting for SOOOO long now it just pisses me off. She came with a list of things we needed to submit. All things that have been submitted multiple times before, but now have to be done once again because it's been yet another year. Things like Medical examinations, Proof of Vaccinations, Copies of all types of Insurance, car tags etc etc etc. It just gets old. I know they have to cross their T's and dot their I's, but had they been doing their jobs we'd have been finalized soon after submitting all of this information LAST YEAR at this time.

I won't even go into the fact that this Adoption Worker tried to minimize things and twist our words around on us. She asked if 'The Princess' was receiving any Counseling. We informed her no, but we are on a waiting list to get some started. PCIT Therapy. She then pressed further questioning why 'The Princes' would need such a thing!? (Why ask if you don't want to hear our answer lady??) I explained to her our concerns. Mind you, concerns that are shared by her Pediatrician and Occupational Therapist. Wanna know the Adoption Worker's response?

She says...."I would be willing to bet, she is only doing these things for your attention"

Um, wow. This lady has no clue. 'The Princess requires nearly 100% of our attention to keep her safe.... To keep her from climbing up and jumping off the top of the counter tops. To keep her from swinging from the ceiling fan. To keep her from inadvertently hurtng one of our animals. Honestly, it's way more than typical 2 year old attention-seeking behavior. It's lack of cause and effect. It's lack of impulse control. It's lack of empathy. There is NO WAY she's attention deprived and for this lady to come in and suggest that's the case makes my blood boil.

So, we're scrambling to get all our documents together ONCE AGAIN so that we can get this Adoption finalized and on with our lives.

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Wow, sounds like a pretty crappy adoption worker? I mean even if the Princess IS doing that stuff to get your attention, wouldn't she still benefit from therapy to help her learn other ways of getting attention??? Hmm... Good luck!!!  


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