The family went out to dinner last night to a new restaurant in the area. The boys all got Kid Meals, and as usual we ordered just an extra plate for 'The Princess'. She doesn't eat enough to justify her own plate. So as you can imagine, she has a smorsborg of food from french fries to pasta to vegetables and shrimp! She seemed to enjoy all of the food with the exception of pieces of squash that had come off Daddy's plate. He had mixed vegetables and had given her most of them, as vegetables are usually her favorite. She'd eaten all of the other vegetables, and was now arranging the squash onto her brothers place mat beside her. One-by-one she set them in a straight line... and I wish I had my camera with me because they were color coordinated!!!!! Green- Yellow- Green- Yellow, and so on. It was hilarious to see a 2 year old be so specific and detailed. We all got a good laugh out of it.

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Thats a pretty smart little kid!!!  


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