Schools been out for just a few days and I’m already ready to send them all back!!  My hat’s off to those parents out there that choose to home school.  I honestly don’t know how you do it.

My day has been filled with screaming and yelling, wrestling and tattle tailing.  I suppose it doesn’t help matters that it dumped on us last night and the ground is sopping wet. I don’t want to send all these boys outside because then they’ll just bring mud in, onto my newly mopped tile.  (In previous homes that we’ve lived in there’s never been a lot of tile.. but this house has a LOT.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get it *really* clean??)    I am trying to come up with ideas of things we can do over the summer to get us out of the house.  We’ll be heading to the Zoo for sure.  The Oklahoma City Zoo is such a nice one.  It’s much better than the Denver Zoo.  It’s one of the best family-friendly Zoos in the Country.  I’m also excited to try some of the new “splashgrounds” that have been built since last summer.  They are essentially playgrounds with water features.  Really cool stuff!  If you have any ideas of things that I can do toting a bunch of kids from age 2 -12, please share them with me. J

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  1. Elle said...

    Have a good summer!! Man my kids are in until June 25th... then all heck breaks loose!  

  2. Meredith said...

    I just linked over from the mom blogs. I feel your pain, I have six kiddos seven and under right now. I also do foster care and am adopting. I look forward to being a regular reader.  

  3. Nicki Mann said...

    Well, the mall is always good for cheap rainy day thrills... most of them have playlots for the little ones now, and everyone loves the food court!
    Also Borders and other book stores are cool cause you can spend a long time in there... sometimes they have storytimes and things for the little kids, and toys and stuff.
    Does your area have any good Children's Museums???  


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