Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ... yep that would explain my 2 year old.

When tucking her in at night, Elmo has to be beside her, tucked just right. The fury red guy simply MUST be underneath the sheet just as she is. Her African American baby doll must be on her other side, also tucked beneath the sheet. NO other doll or stuffed animal will do. If you don't tuck them in just right, she flips out screaming EMO, EMO, EMO or BABY, BABY, BABY. She must also have her "tag" in hand. (This is her blankie, she calls it her "Tag" because she holds the tag and sucks her thumb.)

We follow this ritual very carefully each and every night. After all, you would never want to upset The Princess!

Tonight was no different than any other. I carried her into her room and began to get for bed. After a few stories, I changed her diaper and got fresh Pajamas on. I let her take a few last sips of milk from the sippy cup and tucked her into bed. Carefully making sure Elmo and Baby were underneath the sheet. I hand her the beloved tag and after a kiss on the forehead, I quietly walked out and closed the door behind me. Everything was fine. She was quiet and I assumed headed off to sleep.

Well… I was wrong. It was quiet for all of 20 minutes when The Princess suddenly started screaming, crying and banging on the door. (She's just recently learned that she can get out of her bed. Ever since we switched her from a crib to a bed she would wake up and sit in patiently until we came to get her. HA!! Well, it was nice while it lasted.)

I waited for a few minutes before going back in her room. Sometimes she'll crawl back in bed by herself. Unfortunately, that was not the case this time. She was yelling louder and banging harder. I cracked the door open slowly and my red faced, tear covered Princess was standing there, Cup in hand. She immediately ran over and gave me the cup. Turned around, grabbed the wrapped up diaper that I had accidentally left in the room and handed that to me as well.

Hmmm, that's it? You were freaking out because I had left the cup and diaper in your room??? OIY!!! Sure enough, as soon as they were removed, she happily got back in her bed. After making sure Elmo and Baby were in their proper place, I again kissed her head and told her goodnight.

She didn't make another peep.

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  1. jeneflower said...

    Toddlers can be so irrational sometimes. Pineapple will not go to bed alone. We haven't been able to just shut the door and walk out. She screams like she is going to die and bangs on the door if we do that. We have to stay with her every night until she is completely asleep. Same with her naps in the day. Fun times.  

  2. Nicki Mann said...

    Little kids are so strange!  


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