Tween: The age in between child and teen.

Boy #1 is 11 years old going on 25. At Parent-Teacher conferences, his Teacher reffered to him as the ladies man. YIKES! Okay, to be honest we already knew that. Come 4pm after school everyday the phone starts ringing. It doesn't stop ringing until nearly 9pm! Not just 1 girl, but 4-5 girls on average. It's not unusual for him to be talking to several at a time. (via 3-way calling)


Today, laying on the counter was a little note wrapped up into a tiny package. It was out in plain view so it's not like I was snooping through his things. It's so cute, I just have to share with you...

From: Carissa!

Roses are Red violets are Blue I'm In Love with you!

Then there's a little picture drawn.

"This is us in the future"

A girl, a boy and a small child labeled Mashell.


When is it not innocent anymore? Will I know?? I am soooo not ready for the teen years.

3 messages:

  1. jeneflower said...

    Wow he really does sound like a ladies man! What a cute little love note!

    My oldest is 14 and won't even go to school dances. I haven't decided if this is good or bad. My 12 year old isn't interested in them either!  

  2. Elle said...

    Man I'm not looking forward to those years.. but I also have three daughters all in the same age span of 18 months!  

  3. Nicki Mann said...

    LOL! Machell! Fascinating!
    Does your little guy go on Club Penguin?
    My 10-year-old nephew goes on there, and he convinced me to get an account too so we could "play" together even when I'm not at his house. So I went on there, and it turns out, Brandon has about 90 penguin "girlfriends" and they all fight over him! This one little penguin girl was all UP IN MY FACE saying, "Why are you on my boyfriend's friend list?" I was like, "Whoa... you guys are only 10!" But I guess its all in fun!!!  


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