Not too long ago our family took a trip down to Dallas,Tx. to visit The Princess's Biological Grandparents. It was going to be a short trip, but we intended to stay overnight. Knowing nothing of the area, I had to rely on the internet to find a good Hotel. What did people do before the internet?? I mean, I can’t even use the phonebook anymore. It’s so difficult to find anything in that big ‘ole yellow book. With the internet, I just sit down and type in what I’m looking for- viola I’ve got answers!

In our search for the perfect Hotel, I found that there are many sites that help you find Hotels. Some are better than others. The site I found, Hotel Reservations is excellent and all you’ll ever need. They have great pictures so that I could see the hotel inside and out. (One of my top priorities), they were clear on what the amenities were. They even have popular area attractions listed and their distance from the Hotel. This is uber cool when you have no clue where the closest shopping mall is. Prices, are of course competitive. You can also book flights and rent cars.

The best part? They have a phone number at the top of every page for you to call if you need help, or if you just want to book online. Don’t you hate it when you are trying to purchase something online and you come up with questions, but contacting a real person to help you is next to impossible? Some sites even seem to HIDE their phone numbers. Is it just me or is that totally annoying?

Anyway, I've been looking online at prices to fly our whole family to Denver. (6 of us!) We will have to go back there to finalize this Adoption. I hate to think about leaving the boys out, but financially it might not be possible for them to go with us. I checked out the prices at:

...and it's not going to be as bad as I thought! Now we just have to wait for a Court Date and we're good to go. (I'm soooo tired of waiting, I just want it over already!!!)

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  2. jeneflower said...

    Thanks! I just used your site recommendations to book a hotel in Williamsburg, VA. I found a great price!  


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