Have you ever experienced dealing with a child that cannot invite certain friends to their birthday party?  It’s very sad!! I know because we’re dealing with it now.  Unfortunately, boy #3’s Teacher refuses to allow him to hand out his birthday party invitations at school.  She insists that he must invite everyone in his class.  All 21 of them!  I understand where the logic is, but that is just not real life!!  Growing up, I think at some point we all had to deal with not being invited to someone’s party.  I got over it without scars and they will too right?  So why such lame rules??

He’s having a “Horse” party at a local Equine center.  There is a limit of 10 kids.  If I could invite his whole class at this point I would, but it’s impossible!! 

My husband and I both told him to hand the invitations out at recess or secretly slip the invitations to the kids and neither has worked.  We don’t have any of the kids address’s and so mailing them is out of the question. Isn’t it sad??  I have half a mind to take it up with his Teacher on Friday at conferences…but what would I say?  She’s obviously a sucker for the rules.  Perhaps she was one of those kids that never got invited to birthday parties and she’s never got over it?  I don’t know, I just know that it’s pissing me off.

**You’ll have to excuse the messy post below.  The link messed up and Blogger is being a b**** and refuses to let me edit it!  Grrrr!!!


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  1. happyadoptingmom said...

    I would bring it up at the conference and request she either lets him hand them out or provides you with the address of all the children in the class. People are so lame sometimes.  

  2. jeneflower said...

    We recently had the same issue. I asked the teacher if it would be O.K. if my son just handed out invites to the boys, but she said no- it has to be everyone! They don't even like girls anymore by the second grade!

    So we sent them in the mail using an old directory (because that is all I had) and some of the people didn't get their invite because they had moved! It was a mess with hurt feelings and everything.  


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