I read about “Adoption Language” on a fellow Blogger’s site and wanted to share it. Adoption is becoming more and more abundant. Everyone knows someone that has been touched by the gift of Adoption! So many times people say well meaning things, yet they come out all wrong. I hope this list will help you understand.

*There are a few that don’t bother me, but I guess bother other people. See…even I have to watch my language with other Adoptive parents!

Positive language (Negative language is noted in parentheses)

Just say...
Birthparent (Real parent)
Biological parent (Natural parent)
Birth child (Own child) (highlighted for emphasis)
your child (your adopted child, your own child)
Terminating parental rights (Giving up)
Made an adoption plan (Gave away)
chose to parent (chose to keep)
Waiting child (Adoptable child)
Making contact with (Reunion)
Parent (Adoptive parent)
International adoption (Foreign adoption)
Search (Track down parents)
Child placed for adoption (An unwanted child)
Court termination (Child taken away)
Child with special needs (Handicapped child)
Child from abroad (Foreign child)
Was adopted (Is adopted)

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  1. Nicki Mann said...

    Thats a good list! I especially think saying birth parent instead of real or natural parent is important because saying real or natural parent makes it sound like the adoptive parent is second-best. I go to therapy and I was surprised when my therapist was talking to me about a relative who had "three natural children and an adopted child." It just sounded so sad to me! And sort of uneducated, somehow, too...



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