Why is it some people think that because their skin is lighter, they are better than others?  Yes, I’m taking about racism.  I know it’s such a touchy subject, but it’s been weighing heavy on my mind lately.  Now, I don’t know why but I guess because we are a little further “South” than we used to be, I see racism all around me.  Heck even my own extended family members make comments to the effect of “Black People moving into our neighborhoods brings down property values”. Are you kidding me???  This just blows my mind!!!!  Is Denver (where I grew up) such a diverse culture that I was completely shadowed from this evil?  The comments and the ways dark skinned people are viewed here is so foreign to me. 

We want to raise our children better… to be accepting of all people.  Skin color should not have any effect on the way we treat others.  I was shocked to watch this Documentary put together by a High School student… http://www.komoradio.com/home/video/5001856.html?video=YHI&t=a

In my attempt to raise my children better than this, I set out to purchase a doll of color for the Princess.  I was in shock to find just one single doll on the shelves of the store with dark skin.  Oh boy, I told myself.  I guess she won’t be getting to pick this time.  Thankfully, the minute I picked the doll up off the shelf, the Princess got so very excited (She just ADORES baby-dolls!)  She immediately reached out and took the baby from me.  She looked her over and I could tell was instantly in love.  Success!  We then proceeded to finish our shopping.  The Princess held and cuddled the baby doll with her in the cart. As people walked by they would smile at our little beautiful girl as usual, look down at the doll and then give me a look of confusion.  At first I thought it was just me being overly sensitive.  Yet I saw it over and over again…  I wanted to cry.  Why shouldn’t she play with this baby doll!? 

I don’t know what’s going on in the world, but I do know that our family will not raise Children that continue the evils of racism.  Every night when we tuck the Princess in bed, she insists on having 3 things beside her.  First, her most important “tag”. (Her security blanket, in which she holds the tag and sucks her thumb) Elmo and her new favorite baby doll, which just so happens to have dark skin. J  So far, I think we’re doing a fine job raising a loving child who will be accepting of all people, dark and light skin alike.

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  1. Dream Mommy said...

    I know the feeling. Racism is so bad where we live. We live very close to the Gulf coast, way down south and it's horrible.  

  2. And Wake Me With the Morning Light said...

    I used to live in Denver... Yeah, it really IS pretty diverse there and people seem more tolerant! I've also noticed the lack of diversity where I live, outside of Chicago. You'd think being so close to one of the largest cities in the coutnry, there would be more diversity... but there is definitely an intolerance. And when I wanted to search for an African-American baby doll to send to a child I was sponsoring in Africa... I couldn't find ANY!
    I think its great that you're encouraging your daughter to learn that love isn't limited to people of your own race!

    - Angel

  3. Elle said...

    I agree, racism is a huge problem in society. I try to raise my children with open hearts and minds.

    I am new to your blog and am enjoying it a lot! Nice to meet you!  


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