Is it just me or does it bother you that Adoption seems to be a “fad” for celebrity parents?  The latest word is Jessica Simpson wants to Adopt a child very soon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are a few celebrity’s out there that really truly believe in what they are doing and have prepared themselves for the good, the bad and the ugly.  But I can’t help but think the majority are doing it because everyone else is and it’s good publicity!  I really worry about the children.  Sure they’re being adopted into wealth…some think that makes it okay.  I say that’s crap!  When’s the last time you met a 2 yr old that would choose a million dollars over a mommy or daddy?  Kids don’t care about money.  Especially those that are sitting in orphanages in poor Countries across the World.  All they really want is someone to love them. 

Which brings me to my next point…  Reactive Attachment Disorder.  “Attachment disorders are the psychological result of negative experiences with caregivers, usually since infancy, that disrupt the exclusive and unique relationship between children and their primary caregiver(s).”  It’s a very serious topic to consider when Adopting a Child, whether it’s through the Foster Care system or abroad.  My husband and I have learned so much about RAD through training classes and seminars.  We have learned some of the things to look for and how to help adopted children bond and attach.  Here is a short list of symptoms related to RAD.  Once symptoms are present, they are typically extreme:

Superficially engaging or affectionate toward anyone and everyone ~ Lack of conscience ~ Lack of eye contact ~ Extreme control problems ~ Cruelty to animals ~ Impulsive Behavior ~ Lying ~ Stealing …etc.

In regards to attachment, it’s so crucial to have a primary caregiver.  Yet many Celebrity children are being raised by Nannies… Are Celebrities ill-prepared to handle their child's possible severe emotional and behavioral problems?  These children are unable to give and receive love and affection, are physically and emotionally abusive to caregivers, siblings and peers, constantly defy parental rules and authority, and create ongoing stress and turmoil in the family. It’s an emotional disability and any amount of money in the world will simply make it go away.  Simply sending the child off to a professional therapist will not make it go away.

So, when this Adoption fad comes to a close how many Celebrity parents do you think will be dealing with mental disorders and other various psychological problems?

To me, that’s a scary thought.  …I hope the fad ends soon.

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  1. Jenny said...

    AMEN!! I feel for these kids only because you know darn good and well that Angelina and Brad aren't the caregivers. They are the financial providers and playmates when they're around I'm sure, but their money is paying for the best nannies in the business. Adoption/Natural Parenting is a commitment, not a pass-time.  


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